Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to Sherwood, I mean, Gotham

Cory Walker is one of those guys who has stayed under the radar for a while. Yet has a following that is pretty big. If you don't knw who he is, he co-created Invincible with Robert Kirkman, and recently did The Destroyer with Kirkman over at Marvel.

Cory's stuff is pretty cool. Very solid yet minimal in his linework, at least as far as using lots of lines. He makes forms so simple, even if its complex mad scienist machinery! His list of credits in comics isnt very long, but what he's done has been pretty damn kick ass. This Robin piece comes from his blog, where he posts almost daily. A link to it can be found in my links section.

For this piece I decided to ink Cory a bit differently than he is accustomed to. Cory usually inks himself, using minimal line weight variation. Usually opting for a fairly constant holding line. I decided to go with a slicker look for him. I used a sheet of heavy transparent vellum and went in with a hunt 102 crowquill nib for about 90% of it. Giving it a look much like Scott Williams early work, but less extreme in line weight variation. I then took a #3 brush for the cape and filling in of blacks. The border was done with a Pitt artist pen as was the staff.

I like Cory's inking on himself. I've been doing a similar style on some of my own pieces, and I like how its been turning out. Hopefully we'll see more from him this year.

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