Monday, February 13, 2012

Goyle, Gun Ghoul , and Gary Friedrich

Soooooo, yeah, it's been 5 months since I last posted something. I have been kind of busy. The artwork above are the covers to 2 of the projects I have coming out this year. I am the inker of WIll Caligan's Gun Ghoul book, and I am the writer/artist/letterer of my creation , Dr Goyle. Gun Ghoul will be coming out in June at Philly Con I believe, and I plan to premier Dr Goyle at Springcon in Minneapolis in May. Add on a few other projects here and there, I am quite busy with projects. It's nice working on my own projects, cuz I don't have to worry about getting screwed over by anyone but myself.

This leads me into the situation involving Gary Friedrich and Marvel and Ghost Rider. Gary created Ghost Rider. Marvel says yeah, but you did it as work for hire. Therefore, you get nothing, and by the way, you can't claim you are his creator. People have been arguing about creator's rights for a while. IMAGE Comics was formed for that very reason. At the time of Ghost Rider's creation, both parties didn't cover their asses. But who knew that almost 40 years down the line a movie would be made about the character. But lets give Gary his credit. He created the character, give him some dough to live on, and call it a day.
I see lots of young talented folks at cons, showing their stuff to publishers, especially Marvel and DC. They think they have the next great character for them, little knowing the second that character is published by those companies, that character is theirs.

Do yourself a favor kids, create your characters, make your own comics. That way you keep them for yourself. You may not make any $$ from them, but neither will anyone else.