Monday, February 22, 2010

The Black Beetle

All righty then,back at it. Been a while, but Ive been busy with lots of things. Time to post some art though. This is a pic of Francesco Francavilla's pulp hero, The Black Beetle. It was last weeks subject on ComicTwart. If you don't know what ComicTwart is, it's a blog by a lot of different creators who talk a lot on Twitter. Every week, one of them picks a character, and they all do their version of it. Lots of great artists doing some great stuff there. I have a link to the blog on my list of links. Check it out.

Although I am not an official member of the Twart, I wanted to do something anyway.The character just looked too fun not to do.

This was done in pencil, inked with Pitt artist pens and some brush work as well.

Hope ya like it!