Friday, July 30, 2010

Yeah, Yeah..I know.

Ok, remember when I said I'd update more..well,...yeah I lied. Another 2 months goes by and nothing. And it's not like I havent done stuff too!

Got a few things in the pipe. Working on a book called Marlow, with my old pal Dario Carrasco (A link to his site Panday Studios is in my links area). Dario pencilled a few issues of Nova that I inked way back in the day. He and I re-connected last year and have been doing some pieces here and there. But I'm looking forward to the Marlow book. Its a pulpy kind of Indiana Jones feeling book. So very fun.
Also hope to be starting some more Buckaroo Banzai with Shawn Van Briesen again soon. Shawn finally has a blog up, so go check it out. It is also in the links area.

Working on a webcomic that I hope to post weekly. Called Pub Dread, and will be at very soon. Got 3 weeks worth drawn up already, just gotta prep the site and have it looking the way I want before I post.

I finally have a release date for the DIY Guide To Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse.
We are going through Amazon for our initial print run. Diamond has been giving us a runaround so we decided to take the zom by the brains and get this thing out there! It will be released on August 13th, a Friday. Quite appropriate. I believe orders can done starting the 5th or 6th of August, with shipping on the 13th.
We are also doing a release party/signing at the Source Comics and Games in Minneapolis on that day from Noon til 9. John, Bud, and I will all be there, so if you are in the area, stop on by. It'l be an awesome time for sure. For more info, go to

I also have an Etsy store now, so if ya feel the need to buy some of my art, you can. Also in my links area. I have prints, and some originals there as well. I will be putting some more originals in there soon.

Until next time, enjoy the art I've posted. One is a page from Marlow, the other is a page from another project of Dario's called the Mask Of The Gargoyle. Dario asked me to ink it, I had a blast with it! Enjoy!