Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Uzan the Mighty

Howdy all!! One of the projects I'm doing this year is called Uzan the Mighty. Written by Kevin Grevioux and pencilled by MC Wyman. Its a 60 page graphic novel that will hopefully be out late this year. Kevin has been around a while doing all sorts of things. He was the writer and co-creator of the original Underworld movie, as well as the writer of the third film in the series. He also acted in the movies, playing the lycan Raze. He has written for Marvel on series such as the Blue Marvel, and New Warriors. He is also the writer of ZMD:Zombies of Mass Destruction.
Uzan is a tale of an african tribesman. The pencils are gorgeous and full of lush foliage and animals galore. I don't think I've ever inked this much greenery for one project.
Anyway, here's a peek at one of the pages. Hope you enjoy!!


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  1. That looks awesome! Sounds like a book I would like.