Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Avengers Assemble!!

Wow! Was this piece fun! Recently in the past 2 years or so I have been discovering lots of cool new artists. This is one of them. Mahmud Asrar is an artist from Turkey who is rocking out comics right now. Bursting onto the scene as artist on Dynamo 5 over at Image, he has recently been doing stuff over at Marvel and DC.
This piece is from a recent issue of Avengers: The Initiative. Anything with Thor in it rocks, and the dynamics of this page just kicked ass. So i had to ink it.
I just recently upgraded my studio with a new Asus laptop and a Brother printer/scanner. The beauty of the printer is that I can scan at full 11x17, and with photoshop, I can take pencil scans, convert them to bluelines, and then print them on comic board. I can then ink them without having the actual pencils, and scan them again. Fuckin awesome,eh?
So I had to try it out on Mahmud's piece. Inked with a brush and Hunt 102 crowquill nib in some spots. Add a little white out for effects, and there ya go!

More cool stuff a-coming!

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